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Generate up to 45% of all sales revenue with email

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With the cost of acquiring new customers shooting through the roof (source: WSJ), retaining existing customers has never been more important.

Email marketing is one of the most – if not the most – effective way to do this.

For our clients, it’s so effective that it can easily generate up to 45% of their total monthly revenue.

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Smart campaigns and email automations

Our team uses customer data from your website, e-commerce store or CRM system and combines automated email activity with regular email campaigns to maximise revenue generated by email activity.

Using data to trigger emails at the right time and combining this with advanced personalisation makes every email sent much more effective.

Part of an effective multi-channel strategy

Email works best as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy. This is where email is used alongside other channels such as social media, ads, SMS etc.

We integrate all your systems together to support this approach.

Multi-channel marketing has been shown to increase customer lifetime value by up to 190% (source: Shopify).

Pre-optimised by design™

Our email campaigns and automations are pre-optimised by design. Everything we have learnt is built into them.

We try out new approaches, evaluate new marketing channels and find new ways to be more effective every day.

When we create campaigns and automations for our clients, we share this very latest thinking with you so that you can stride out way ahead of your competition.

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Great for building long-term relationships with customers

Generate up to 45% of sales

Trigger based on customer data & behaviour

Optimise for maximum return on investment

Integrate with platforms such as Shopify

Fully-managed services

Sargasso & Grey

Since joining forces with Marketing Yeah!, luxury wide-fit shoe manufacturer Sargasso & Grey has doubled customer basket size and now generates 45% of monthly revenue from email marketing

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