About Us

Our digital marketing agency was founded to support senior executives.

We enable them to grow their organisations through better digital marketing.

Unlike other marketing agencies we deliberately adopt a scientific, objective-led approach to our work, which dramatically increases marketing success.

Charles Wyn-Davies, Agency Director

Our Story



We were founded by Charles Wyn-Davies when he left the Financial Times newspaper in 2018. Originally named, Oxford Marketing Automation, the organisation’s mission was to introduce the advantages of marketing automation and similar digital marketing technologies to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


Marketing Yeah! is born

Pretty quickly clients started asking for hands-on help. In 2020 the decision was taken to become a full-service digital marketing agency. With a name change for good measure, Marketing Yeah! was born.


Move to central Oxford

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency continued to expand. As more people joined the team, it became clear that the agency needed a permanent base of operations. In 2021, the agency relocated to the Oxford Innovation centre at Keble College, Oxford University.


Data and software platforms

In 2022 the agency decided to make significant investments in its own technology. A dedicated team now develops the agency’s own data, artificial intelligence and software platforms for its exclusive use. These investments have propelled the agency’s capabilities beyond those of even its largest competitors.


Further expansion

In 2022, after a further period of sustained growth, the agency expanded into larger offices from where we continue to operate to this day.

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