Sargasso & Grey: Email now generates 45% of monthly sales

Since joining forces with Marketing Yeah!, luxury wide-fit shoe manufacturer Sargasso & Grey has doubled customer basket size and now generates 45% of monthly revenue from email marketing
Katie Owen, founder of Sargasso & Grey

“Since joining forces with Marketing Yeah! we have greatly increased our customer lifetime value. This is crucial to ensure that we are maximising every pound of our advertising spend. It also really helps us to create a great customer base that is loyal to our brand.”

Email activity now supports up to 45% of total monthly sales


Sargasso & Grey was founded by Katie Owen. Katie created the business back in 2012 because she couldn’t find stylish shoes that offered a wider fit.

Sargasso & Grey work with traditional shoe manufacturers in Europe to create designs that are naturally wider than imported shoes from the far east.

Every detail of the shoes, from the shape of the toe box to the height of the heel, is thought out, tried and tested by women who will actually wear them.

Marketing Yeah! was introduced to support Sargasso & Grey as they looked to maximise the revenue generated by their online store and email channels.

Klaviyo: Advanced email marketing


While MailChimp is a great platform for relatively young businesses, Sargasso & Grey had outgrown it.

Our first step was to migrate Sargasso & Grey onto Klaviyo.

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform built specifically for online retailers, especially those using Shopify.

It has advanced customer data tools, email automation and analytics built in so you don’t have to combine a load of more expensive marketing tools to deploy more complex multi-channel campaigns.

Migrating Sargasso & Grey to Klaviyo allowed us to take instant advantage of things like predictive machine learning data models and on site event streams that let you get closer to customers and really make sure that you are talking to them about what they want to hear.

Customised automations using Klaviyo


With Klaviyo set up, our team created a collection of elegant customer data capture forms and automated email campaigns.

The forms capture customers’ data and trigger multiple series of emails designed to drive customers back to Sargasso & Grey’s online store.

Through this activity alone, email now supports over 25% of total monthly sales.

Weekly email campaigns generate many thousands of £££s


Alongside automated email campaigns, our team creates Sargasso & Grey’s weekly email newsletter.

A powerful combination of engaging editorial, new product launches, flash sales and more generates almost 20% of total monthly sales.

In total, Marketing Yeah! supports up to 45% of total monthly sales through the email channel alone.

Optimisation A/B testing doubles basket size


Beyond email, we have worked with Sargasso & Grey to optimise their Shopify ecommerce store through a series of website A/B split tests.

Using a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, we deployed a series of changes that increased ‘Add to Carts’ by 70% and basket size by over 2X.

Marketing Yeah! improved the conversion rate on our site by A/B testing, new creatives and a review of our product pages. It is amazing how small but carefully considered changes can make a big difference!”

Engaged customers who love the brand


Working closely with Katie Owen, Marketing Yeah! has been able to help Sargasso & Grey create and nurture an engaged body of loyal customers who love the brand.

These customers have made Sargasso & Grey a phenomenal success and will do so for many years to come.

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Now up to 45% of revenue is generated by email every month

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